Enrichment Clubs

Clubs will run from Tuesday 16 April until Thursday 27 June. 

All clubs finish at 4.15pm.

Day Year group  Activities  Staff 


Invitation only 

Reception Writing tutoring 

Mrs Armstrong

Miss Nicholas 


Invitation only 

Reception Phonics tutoring 

Mrs Wessles

Mrs Symington

Year 1

Invitation only 

Year 1 Phonics tutoring 

Miss Macieira 

Miss Lywood

Mrs Hodkinson 

Mrs Weir 

Year 2

Invitation only 

Year 2 Phonics/Reading tutoring 

Mrs Dodds 

Miss Burnip

Mrs Holden

Year 4

Invitation only 

Year 4 Reading tutoring 

Miss Golightly 

Miss Lee

Mrs Bell 

Year 5

Invitation only 

Year 5 Maths tutoring 

Mrs Marsh 

Miss Bunce 

Year 5/6  Basketball  Mrs Thompson 

Class 6T

Invitation only

6T Maths tutoring 

Up to SATA (15 May)

Miss Taylor 

Mrs Sheffield 

Wednesday  KS1  Games  Miss Bryson 
Year 3/4  Netball/Basketball  Mrs Thompson 

Class 6O

Invitation only

6O Maths tutoring 

Up to SATS (15 May)

Miss Oxley

Miss Edwards 


Year 2

Invitation only

2AD Writing tutoring  Mrs Turner 
KS2  Gymnastics  Mrs Thompson

Year 3

Invitation only

Year 3 Maths tutoring 

Miss Fox

Miss Bartle

Year 5/6  Football (mixed) Joe (Soccer King Coaching)